Introducing Zahid Maqbool

Inspired by “Humans Of New York” and the “Inside Out Project”, “Humans of Image Garments” is an art project that uses black and white photographic portraits to discover, reveal and share the untold stories and images of people who make your clothes. Everybody in the world wears clothes, But how many of us really know who makes them? The project was created to share and celebrate the lives of the people who make your clothing.

Zahid Sb, the inventory at Image Garments has mushroomed from just under 500,000 pieces to over 1,000,000 pieces in a space of just a few months, how did you handle this?

I am very happy about Image Garments success and I must say the last 3 months have probably been the hardest time of my life. The stocks as well as the orders almost increased by 5 times.

I really can't take credit away from Noumanand his order shipping team. They literally put their heart in to the work and made sure all the orders are processed within the target shipdate. It can be very hard when you are shipping 3 or 4 containers every day.

Additionally, the executives of Image Garments have been very helpful in providing me with additional resources to help me.

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