Image Garments is committed to trained their workers and create employment. We have trained 400 female sewing operators with help of UNDP Gen Prom Project. We have joined hands with Punjab Skill Development department and continued worker training program.

Online Order Tracking

Image Garments garments has implemented straight of the art ERP System. We are committed to provide excellent customers services. Our customers can login to our ERP system through our website and track their order status from buying of yarn to shipping documents. Customers can track their orders through website It is a real time tracking system Customers can check production status of their orders Customers can check samples dispatch and approvals dead line through approval status Customers can access shipping documents on our web

Traceable Transparent Sustainable Sewing System

Image Garments is a social responsible company. Our sewing system keeps track of each garment through out production phase from buying of yarn to shipping of shirt. Each garment is labelled with a unique number through which we can backtrack all stages of production. 1- This system help us to keep track of our bundles and highlights bottle-necks in sewing operations. 2- Workers pay roll is maintained instantly. We did not hire any contractor for sewing. We pay directly to each worker. Our workers are sure about their wages when their bundle is scanned. 3- Production team can easily monitor production and load on each process. 4- Hourly production targets are assigned and monitored. 5- Our qu

Evacuation & Fire Fighting Drill

Image Garments management understand importance of their employees health and safety. We have organized Evacuation and Fire Fighting Drill last week. Senior management also took part in this activity. Our employees are now trained to rescue each other in emergency situation.

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