Frequently asked questions

What about the quality of the goods we produce?

We take quality very seriously at Image. We check the quality of each and every component that we buy or produce. Fabrics are checked for color change after wash, shrinkage, fading and pilling. Colors are matched with Delta E variation of 1 from the standard colors. Each and every garment is checked by trained inspectors when it goes offline. The whole shipment is audited at AQL 2.5 by our inhouse auditors and by SGS in case the customers want. Auditors directly report to CEO in order to maintain strict quality control.

How do you ship the goods?

We can ship the goods on FOB, CIF or CFR

Sea Shipments go either by train, container or air to Karachi port or from Faisalabad dry port. We have excellent road connections to Karachi. Goods reach Karachi in 24 hours by road.

Most of the air cargo is moved to Lahore or Islamabad airports which have frequent connections around the world.

For small shipments we have negotiated excellent rates with DHL and FedEx. They pick up goods and samples from our factory every day.

How do I get samples?

We are pleased to send samples for you to evaluate the quality of the goods that we make. Please send your inquiry and ask for the details about samples.

Which certifications do you have as manufacturer

We are WRAP, SA8000, Oekotex, Reach and Sedex

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